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Design & Layout Services

The food service industry presents owner / operators with difficult challenges – any one contributing greatly to the success or failure of the operation. Food, labor, and energy costs are continually going up. Space is becoming harder to obtain. The competition is getting better and more abundant. Where and how can you position yourself to minimize the bad things and maximize the good?

Let’s start with Facilities Design. Facilities Design is of the utmost importance because decisions make today directly affect the success of your operation tomorrow. Liberty*Mart's design process saves you money:

  • We maximize your available space so that your business gets the best utilization.
    Space is limited. How much should we allocate to the kitchen vs. dining? Too much or too little is NOT a good thing. We’ll help you make that critical decision.
  • Our designs save on hardware costs and reduce your capital outlay.
    We all know that there’s more than one way to get things done. Equipment that is versatile costs you less up front saving valuable capital dollars. We present those options to you.
  • Our designs save you labor such that personnel can be more effectively managed. A poorly designed kitchen can require more bodies to operate which evaporates your bottom line. Every labor hour we save you because of good design is another dollar in your pocket.
  • We promote the proper flow of people and product such that efficiencies are built in from the start.
    Efficiency is the name of the game. If food and personnel criss-cross in non productive ways, you lose money. We design it RIGHT from the beginning.
  • Energy management is considered so that operational costs are kept under control.
    This is significant: commercial kitchens consume massive quantities of gas, electric, water and HVAC. You’ll be paying for these forever, so our designs seek to minimize these expenses saving you money starting on day 1.
  • We address the quality level of hardware necessary to accomplish your goals so that your payback is on target.
    Not all equipment is created equal. Performance levels, servicing requirements, and even the amount of “heavy dutiness”, all have their price. We balance these qualities so that your long term investment makes sense.
  • And, of course, our designs are aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for your project.
    And let’s not kid ourselves, we eat with our eyes, so our designs help present your culinary creations in a more delicious manner where everything tastes better!

Working with Liberty*Mart gives you Peace of Mind.

Floor Plans Detailed Schedules
Engineering Drawings Specifications
Electrical Rough-Ins Interior Design
Plumbing Rough-Ins Budgeting / Bidding
HVAC & Refrigeration Rough-Ins Value Engineering/Cost Analysis

There might be a better way….. DESIGN-BUILD is our specialty!! What’s that ??

An Integrated Team Approach with you guiding the process offers these advantages:

  • Reduced cost and better budget control
  • Reduced schedule
  • Higher quality designed in, not inspected in
  • Reduced litigation and finger pointing
  • Accountability
  • And --- satisfied owners !

Call us to discuss the benefits of High Performance Design and Construction !